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How to Pick the Perfect Lipstick

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

At some point or another you've probably said to yourself, "Red lipstick really isn't my color". But perhaps you didn't stop to think that maybe it was the shade of red that didn't fit. Everybody has a lipstick. Keep reading to find which one fits YOU!

If you have red hair or paler skin, neutral and lighter colors will wash you out. The best color for you would be an orange-red hue.

If you have more of a pinkish skin tone, lipsticks with bluish undertones will look best on you. One way to know if you have pinkish skin is if silver jewelry looks best on you. Or, and this might sound a little bit weird, if your veins look more blue.

If your skin has yellow undertones, warmer lipsticks are definitely your color. Perhaps you should try a brown-red hue. To figure out if you have a more yellow tone of skin, you can look at your veins again. If they're more green than blue, you have yellower skin.

If you have olive skin, you're in luck! Most shades look good on you. Especially nude, pink, orange, and red shades. Experiment with them all!

For ladies with darker skin, deeper and darker shades will work best for you. Try berry or wine colors.

I hope you've enjoyed reading through my blog and you found the right lipstick for you! Check out our other posts and follow us on social media for more beauty content!

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