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Spooning Bad...🍃

Hey Spooners!😜 As a lot of you may already know, Lash Leaf was inspired from using a spoon to curl my lashes all these years. I'd like to address a general comment I've seen on our social media....and that is, "just use a spoon - it's the same thing" then followed by an emoji "eye roll".😁 That being said, this blog is simply informational. Here are the differences:

One, a spoon was designed to go in your mouth. From all of my years of using a spoon, I know that my experience was painful/uncomfortable. The width of the spoon head was too big or too small that it cut into my hand every time. I tried every size. Plus, the thickness or thinness would also affect the results. Then, there's the handle. The handle is not used so it's unnecessary. Lash Leaf 🍃 was designed with COMFORT in, the fact that's it's shiny & beautiful makes it a showstopper in your make-up bag. So, now, instead of your friends joking about your "crack spoon"😂 in your make-up bag, they'll be wanting your 🍃Lash Leaf!

Two, my design is multifunctional. The "leaf" shape makes it fit comfortably in either hand AND it's dual ended. The narrow end makes it easier to reach corner lashes or curl "hard to curl" lashes. It can also be used as a mascara guard (so you don't ruin your eyeshadow) OR as an eyeshadow stencil!

Keep in mind that Lash Leaf🍃 still has 100% positive user review! As a former spooner, I understand that emotional attachment to our beauty tools. We are creatures of habit....change isn't always easy..... As a matter of fact, I still have my old spoon! LOL, I never use it nor would I return it to my kitchen drawer 😝. But, I dare you to try 🍃Lash Leaf! There's no risk! If you don't find it more comfortable than your spoon, simply return for a full refund!

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