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Finding the Right Mascara

There are tons of makeup brands out there, and it can be hard to find the best ones for you. Mascara is a widely used beauty product, and there are many different kinds. Keep reading to discover which kind of mascara is the right one for you!

It all depends on your lash type. There are mascaras for every type of eyelash!

For shorter, thinner, and more sparse lashes, it is best to use Fiber or Tubing mascaras. Both of these use a similar system. They contain formulas that lengthen and bulk up your lashes for a fuller look.

For stick-straight lashes, Curling mascara is the way to go. That is, if you haven’t curled them yet with your @lashleaf! Curling mascaras incorporate a curled brush and lifting formulas to raise your eyelashes to just the right height.

Waterproof mascara can be used by anyone! But it's particularly useful for people with allergies or watery eyes. Just be careful when removing it. If you can, apply normal mascara before you put on the waterproof mascara to make the removal process a bit easier. Another thing about waterproof mascara... when you curl your eyelashes and apply waterproof mascara, your eyelashes will stay curled! It's a pretty nice life hack if you ask me.

Volumizing mascara is best if you have thin, sparse lashes. It uses a thickening formula to help bulk up your lash hairs, and gets them looking more curvaceous.

Clump-Free mascaras work best for people with more dense eyelashes, but will work for anyone. It will make your lashes look light and feathery using a formula infused with glycerin or silk extract and, paired with a silicone brush, makes it the best clump-beating mascara.

Now that we've talked about the specifics, let's go over some of the mascaras that will fit any eye.

If all you want is a mascara without all of the fancy ingredients, natural mascaras will be right up your alley.

Mascara Primer is for anyone wanting thicker, fuller looking lashes. Primers are meant to be applied before you curl your eyelashes, and make them look thicker. They also hold the curl for longer periods of time and make waterproof formulas easier to remove.

Now, we've all been in a situation where we look like raccoons because of the smudges under our eyes. The solution? Bottom-lash mascara! (ie., smudge-free or tubing formulas) It's just the right kind for preventing smudges and perfecting those tiny lashes.

I hope you learned a thing or two about mascara, and have found the right one for you! Be sure to check out the other blogs on the lash leaf website!

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