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A message to the "nay-sayers"

Where do I begin??

First of all, I feel the need to address this topic because it's important for me to put this out there. I hope my message will either, change the perspective of the nay-sayer or inspire those surrounded by them.

A little bit about me: I decided, at a very young age, that everything I did...I would do it perfectly or not at all. I always got good grades & never caused trouble. However, my perfectionism drove me to hide behind a paralyzing fear of failure. I NEVER took risks. I NEVER allowed myself to be vulnerable to criticism. It wasn't until my adulthood that I changed my mindset & chose to face those fears. I have had some major set backs & failures in my life. I've been married and divorced twice by the age of 34.

Where am I going with this? I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. In 2013, I opened my first salon with very little funds. A few short months later, my husband left & immediately stopped contributing financially. A month after that, I was subpoenaed by my former employer - of which I had no money for legal defense. My body began to be affected by all the stresses. After my gall bladder was infected, then removed....I was diagnosed with High blood sugar & an overactive thyroid. I dropped to 99lbs without trying. Dr wanted me on medication for the rest of my life! I told myself "I am too young for that."

Fast Forward: The only thing that made me keep my sanity was my deep faith in God. I put my smile on everyday & took one step at a time. I changed my eating habits, started the gym, got OFF meds and I have a fit physique now. Turned out, my attorney was prepaid via a legal insurance I had purchased 11 years prior to the lawsuit. I got thru the entire 2 year legal process without a dime out of pocket!! My business survived the first 4 years and I was recently able to open a 2nd location!

To my nay-sayers: During the past several years, I embarked on a journey to design & patent my eyelash curler - Lash Leaf. Marketing my product has required me to "put myself out there." It is not easy. It never fails, there's always someone leaving negative comments. It's always someone that has never purchased or tested my product. People say, "ignore them." I just can't or I won't. Not because I feel a need to "tell them off" but, I feel a need to inspire. I have worked my butt off EVERYDAY the past several years making sure that I exemplify every step for my children. I want these nay-sayers to know that the same energy you just wasted on a negative comment, could have been directed in a positive way for yourself. What are your aspirations? You see, I've learned that there's a difference between being buried & being planted. I could have allowed myself to be buried by the negativity, but instead, I let myself be planted. When you're buried - it's the end. When you're planted - it's only the beginning!!

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