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The eyelash curler has Evolved - So has the Spoon!

How did I invent Lash Leaf? It is very common in my culture to use a spoon. It is a Latin-inspired beauty secret. I did not invent the technique - I simply designed a classy, professional beauty tool that was easy & comfortable to use (thanks to the help of my dad and brother).

Why did I invent Lash Leaf if I was already using a spoon?

First reason, you have a long handle that doesn't need to be there but, the real problem is the width of the spoon. No matter what size or type of spoon used, they all hurt and were uncomfortable. So, I elongated the "spoon head" and gave it a gentle twist! This is what makes it ambidextrous and anatomically compatible.

Second, I was embarrassed for people to see my spoon in my make-up bag. No joke - one girl asked me if I smoked crack! Haha! In other words, it's tacky! I like to use the example of a tissue box VS toilet paper...they both accomplish the same thing and are made out of the same material, However, they were designed for different uses. You wouldn't see rolls of toilet paper in your living room or place of business - in the same way, Lash Leaf was designed for comfortable, classy lash curling.

So, all you ladies that used a spoon to curl your lashes - you can save your spoon for dinner and finally use something that’s comfortable & specifically designed for this task!

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