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A shoutout to HSN American Dreams Academy!

Lash Lines LLC recently received a special invite & had the wonderful experience of attending the HSN American Dreams Academy in Cincinnati, Ohio - and WHAT a great time it was! I would call this the "Entrepreneur Heaven!" They featured guest speakers from so many different points in business such as, Marketing, Social Media, Legal, Manufacturing, Pitching your product, etc... This was so helpful and so invaluable! Not only was it a fun learning experience, but we were given an opportunity to "pitch" our product, (Lash Leaf), to a panel of professionals that could help steer us in the right direction. Thank you isn't enough!

Here are a few photos of our experience....

I want to encourage anyone who thinks they have a great idea or invention but they don't know where to start - sign up for the Academy! I promise you won't regret it! I wish I had this information years ago!

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